How to Become a KPOP Idol as an Indian

The K-pop craze has enthralled millions of people all over the world, and India is no different. K-pop has developed a sizable fan base in India thanks to its catchy music, excellent choreography, and skilled idols. This article will walk you through the process on how to become a KPOP Idol as an Indian and explain the measures you can take to realise your ambition of being a K-pop idol if you’re
an Indian. We will also look at the motivational tales of Indians who have successfully entered the K-pop industry.


Knowing the K-pop Industry: It’s necessary to familiarise yourself with the K-pop industry before beginning your adventurous journey of becoming a KPOP Idol as an Indian origin person. K-pop encompasses more than just singing and dancing. It is a very competitive and challenging field that calls for commitment, toil, and tenacity. K-pop stars receive years of instruction in a variety of areas, including singing, dancing, language, and stage presence in general.


What to Do to Become a K-Pop Idol:

  • Develop Your Talent: You must have remarkable talent to stand out in the very competitive K-pop market. Start by improving your performance, singing, and dance abilities. To further your skills, think about enrolling in professional instruction at respected dance and voice institutions. It’s also essential to forge a distinct personality and style that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn Korean: Since K-pop is primarily performed in the Korean language, knowing the language is essential. Enrol in Korean language classes or use the language and tools available online like language learning apps. Speaking Korean well will not only help you interact with professionals in the field, but it will also help you perceive K-pop music correctly.
  • Study the History of the Industry, attend variety shows, and actively follow well-known K-pop bands to fully immerse oneself in the K-pop culture. Recognise the many entertainment companies, their selection procedures, and the types of idols they create. You can adjust your training and strategy using this knowledge.
  • Join Local Dance and Vocal Groups: Joining local dance and vocal groups will provide you opportunities to perform and will give you vital performance experience. Additionally, it will assist you in creating a network within the neighbourhood K-pop scene, which could prove useful in the future.
  • Create a Striking Portfolio: Make a portfolio that showcases your abilities and K-pop idol potential. Include any pertinent experience or accomplishments along with professionally taken images and videos of your performances. Make sure your portfolio demonstrates your adaptability to many genres and styles.
  • Participate in Auditions: Keep an eye out for auditions for K-pop that are held by major Korean entertainment companies. Both India and other nations may host these auditions. Find out the requirements for the audition, then get ready. During the audition process, project confidence, show off your skills, and allow your distinct personality shine through.


Examples of K-pop Idols from India:

There have been a few motivational Indians who have made their K-pop idol debuts with success. Here are few noteworthy instances of Indian getting to KPOP Industry and tasting success:

  1. Z-Girls’ Priyanka Mazumdar, is an accomplished Assamese vocalist was chosen to join the K-pop group Z-Girls. She made a good debut in the K-pop scene and became well known for her singing. The journey of Priyanka serves as a testament to the value of hard work, talent, and perseverance in pursuing a career as a K-pop star. In 2016, Mazumdar was became the first Indian to become the finalist at the annual K-pop World Festival.
  2. Siddharth Dhara, a native of Arunachal Pradesh and a member of the K-pop group Z-Boys, has realised his dream of becoming a K-pop star. He established a reputation in the industry by showcasing his remarkable dancing abilities and stage presence. Indian K-pop fans are inspired by Siddharth’s accomplishments.
  3. Lenka (who now goes by her stage name Sriya) made her K-pop debut with the girl group Blackswan after posting a few dance covers on YouTube and spending countless hours honing her craft.
  4. Gauthami, better known by her stage name Aria, is the second singer to infuse the K-pop scene with an Indian flavor. She was the last X:IN member to be officially announced by GBK Entertainment.

In conclusion, it takes a tremendous amount of commitment, effort, and planning for an Indian to become a K-pop star. By honing your skills, studying Korean, investigating the sector, and taking part in local dance. You can improve your chances of success by joining auditions, singing ensembles, and vocal groups.
Indian people may undoubtedly make their mark in the K-pop industry with passion, tenacity, and the correct opportunities, as evidenced by the inspirational stories of Indian idols like Priyanka Mazumdar and Siddharth Dhara, Sriya and Aria.

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